A Boy In Mid Air
Curated by Ravi Vasavan


A Boy In Mid Air is an online visual repository curated by Ravi Vasavan, a catalogue of images, ideas & beauty that moves him and hopefully others.

If you come across any post that has no source nor credit, please let me know by asking, and supply the link to the specific post and all necessary credit information for me to incorporate into the post.


Ravi Vasavan, an Australian-born designer & art director living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Ravi commenced his career in a rather unorthodox manner, graduating from crayons earlier than most. At a young age he found himself captivated by the burgeoning online art & design communities. This led him to realise the potential of being visual as a career.

Since then Ravi has gained experience through working at studios and independently as designer and art director, interacting with a wide spectrum of clients.

Aside from the daily grind, Ravi is also a contributor to an array of art & design collectives and portals. He is also often engaged in personal and collaborative projects such as A Boy In Mid Air, an inspiration blog.